29th January, 2005
Link to new blog

As the .plan feature here at does not work any more, I created my own powered blog located at I even wrote a first entry already.

29th February, 2004
SOF2 update, pipe feature added, ODcut, binary release

After getting several user requests, the SOF2 port is now finally based on the unofficial SDK 1.03. The "leaning problem" (during replay the player always leans to the left) in SOF2 remains. Someone with more understanding of the inner SOF2 workings should have a look into it.

I added a new feature: reading from a named pipe. That means the replay mode no longer has to read a file from disk but can also directly read the output of another program writing to the same named pipe. This is an important step towards ODcut, the OpenDemo editor currently in heavy development (CVS only).

Despite its pre-alpha state, I advertise already ODcut, the OpenDemo Cutter. It has a (wxWidgets) GUI, can cut and paste parts of OpenDemo files, and can feed its output directly into a named pipe for instant game reaction.

Read the ChangeLog for opendemo-20040229 and get the files from SorceForge.

8th October, 2003
Q3A update, usage change, binary release

The Q3A port is now based on the 1.32 source code release.

During rebasing the OpenDemo source from Q3A 1.29h to 1.32 I found, that the usage between Q3A and all other 4 games was already different and the source was really not the same anymore across the 5 game platforms. Thus I decided to incorporate the Q3A change into all other games. Read doc/usage before using the new version.

Read the ChangeLog for opendemo-20031008 and get the files from SorceForge.

31 July, 2003
banner code update

A new banner code was necessary.